Partnering with Companies to Develop

World-Class Process Safety Systems


We offer overall review, strategy, development, and implementation support of PSM/RMP programs.  We help clients build and improve process safety systems that not only ensure compliance, but also continuously improve in ways that require the minimum of resources to maintain. It is this relentless focus on continuous improvement that helps to keep employees and communities safe.


Year after year, despite a decades-long focus on process safety, major industrial accidents continue to cause casualties. Our mission is to save lives by improving the management of highly hazardous chemicals. From flammables to toxics to combustible dusts, Amplify works with clients to improve their programs for handling these dangerous materials to better comply with regulatory requirements and most importantly save lives. We are experts in our fields. We deliver more value than clients expect. We focus on long-term relationships with clients.  We protect people, their companies, and their communities.



Our services are based on decades of experience in PSM-covered processes. Paired with a diverse background in onshore Natural Gas E&P, Midstream Gas Processing/Treating/NGL Fractionation, and the Chemical Processing Industry, Amplify delivers first‐class products for its clients.



Amplify Process Safety, LLC is a leading consulting services company focused on assisting facilities in compliance with 29 CFR 1910.119 (OSHA - Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals) and 40 CFR Part 68 (EPA - Risk Management Plan). Coupled with decades of experience in onshore Natural Gas E&P, midstream Gas Processing/Treating/ NGL Fractionation, and the Chemical Processing/Manufacturing Industry, Amplify delivers an unrivaled product for clients. Amplify’s consultants are experts in all aspects of Process Safety Management and Risk Management Program regulations including Process Hazard Analysis, Mechanical Integrity, and Management of Change, as well as NFPA requirements related to Combustible Dusts.


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