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Find our current course offerings below. Interested in a customized training for your facility instead? We'd love to help -- simply fill out a contact form here.

Cornerstones of Practical Process Safety Management (Virtual)

3 Days

$1250 per attendee

In this hands-on Cornerstones of Practical Process Safety Management Course, we focus on the practical aspects of developing and maintaining a robust process safety program. This course will focus on the 14 elements included in the OSHA PSM and EPA RMP Standards. In our three-day course, you will learn from an experienced senior process safety consultant, who will utilize their experiences with a variety of PSM programs to provide you with examples and workshops to help you understand the compliance objectives and how to tailor a PSM program to your facility.

PHA Leadership Training Course (Virtual)

5 Days + 8 Hours of Follow-Up Coaching Support

$3000 per attendee

In this hands-on Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Leadership Training Course by facilitators for facilitators, we focus on the essentials of facilitating, not just the regulatory requirements. This course will prepare you to facilitate a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) with confidence. In our five-day course, you will learn the most common techniques and have multiple opportunities to apply what you learn, with a focus on practical applications and solutions to typical pitfalls. Included pre-work will provide you with a foundation for the course, while the follow-up coaching ensures you will have the necessary support available to you when the time comes for you to facilitate your first PHA.

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